We offer turnkey solutions for law firms who want to get the most out of Filevine with implementations solutions, ongoing support, and custom automations and applications for companies operating on Filevine of any size in any state.

For new Filevine users, Vinetegrate Full Suite gets live on Filevine faster. Existing Filevine users can take advantage of Managed Services Plans for best in class ongoing support. For Filevine super users, VineConnect® Client Portal expands the flexibility and functionality of your Filevine Org to its full capability to automate workflows, communications, and much more.

No one does Filevine Better. Period.

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Hitting A Wall With Filevine Development?

“Do I have to customize Filevine?”

“I want everything Filevine has to offer.”

“I don’t have time to build Filevine right.”

“I shouldn’t be handling this all myself.”

“I need to go live on Filevine faster.”

“I need help from Vinetegrate.”

How We Took 1 Firm From Months of Aimless Toiling to Filevine Launch in ONLY 8 WEEKS.

A Florida Personal Injury law firm was excited to start working on Filevine, but after months of developing their Project Type Template on their own, they were burnt out and still no where ready to launch on the new software.

Their plan? Hire Vinetegrate instead.

Vinetegrate Full Suite Package developed in only 3 weeks

Data Migration came in days, not months

Launched on Filevine with just 4 hours training

Andrew Pickett Headshot

My law firm switched over to Filevine in early 2021. We needed help with optimizing the system for a personal injury practice in Florida. Vinetegrate helped tremendously by assisting us with developing our template, customizing our forms, and getting up and running on Filevine. Their work saved a ton of time that we otherwise would have spent trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’. We are very grateful for his help, and we are now up and running smoothly on Filevine.

Andrew Pickett

Owner, Andrew Pickett Law
Kevin Cheney Headshot

I can’t say enough good things about the Vinetegrate Full Suite we purchased from Vinetegrate. We were using Filevine before, but not to its max potential. The templates not only increased productivity but also provided us a roadmap for how we can grow our small firm into a much larger one.
I would highly recommend it!

Kevin Cheney

Owner, CGH Law Firm
Beth Sanchez Headshot

Tom from Vinetegrate took the time to listen to my goals for my firm and helped me problem-solve some coding issues with Filevine. More importantly, he showed me a different view for my setup which ended up working much better.

Bethbiriah Sanchez

Owner, Sanchez Law


What is Vinetegrate Full Suite™ for Filevine implementations?

Vinetegrate Full Suite is our flagship licensed Filevine product, service, and support for launching on Filevine for the first time, or for firms that want to re-launch on Filevine with a better system. Vinetegrate Full Suite™ includes a highly proficient Project Type Template with pre-programmed and fully compatible Merge Docs, Custom Task Flows, Deadline Chains, Reports, & Report Fusions all built-for-you in your Filevine environment. We offer Vinetegrate Full Suite packages for any practice of law in any state or jurisdiction. Vinetegrate Full Suite is offered as a one-time cost with no ongoing fees, and includes dedicated staff training on the template along with a library of documents, tools, and reference materials to help you get the most out of your new Filevine environment!

Is Vinetegrate Full Suite™ only for new firms coming onto Filevine?

Vinetegrate Full Suite™ was initially designed for firms who were already operating on Filevine, but without the confidence, experience, or knowledge to fully leverage all of Filevine’s unique features and tools. Vinetegrate Full Suite™ was our answer to retro-fit firms with a proven system of data collection, reporting, doc merge, and legal workflow process for these firms. However, Vinetegrate Full Suite™ is also a great option for firms coming onto Filevine for the first time as a solution for a faster, more comprehensive implementations solution.

What if I'm already operating on Filevine and just need some additional help?

If you’re already up and running on Filevine efficiently, then our Managed Service Plans (MS Plans) are for you! We offer dedicated Filevine admin support as a monthly subscription service at an affordable, flexible price. Make your requests for edits, additions, updates, and customizations to your Filevine core environment and we deliver! MS Plans cover support for templates, tasks, reporting, docs, deadline chains, team assignments, best practices, and so much more! We’re not consultants – we’re doers. Sign up for an MS Plan here!

Can you design a Filevine environment for all my practice areas?

Yes! Our Vinetegrate Full Suite™ solution relies on a templated, pre-built and proven system for your Filevine Org. Our process starts with identifying all your various practice areas, and importantly, how they inter-relate within your firm: by team, by jurisdiction, or by process. We have single or multi-template designs for personal injury, worker’s compensation, social security/disability, catastrophic injuries, family law, labor, employment, and mass tort, among others.

My firm is unique. Do you build custom Filevine environments?

We do! But we believe that while most firms may be unique in their team or process structure, practice management itself is not particularly unique. That’s because at the end of the day, we’re all following the same procedural rules with statutory modifications from state to state. For that reason, our implementation process is designed to be as close to “out of the box” as possible.

We do account for jurisdictional or civil process uniqueness – your pleading header and service of process may be specifically defined, for example, and we account for those kinds of customizations. Unlike other Filevine Implementation Partners, however, we do not design completely customized Filevine systems from scratch. We’ve seen more often than not that approach be a near guarantee for a sloppy and chaotic implementation process that no one is happy with at the end. We firmly beleive that in order to understand Filevine, you have to get live on Filevine, and our unique approach to implementations have that singular goal in mind.

There are other Filevine partners who put as many firms live as we do in as short of time as we do thanks for our Full Suite™ nd Core Suite process.

Do you handle data migrations to Filevine?

Yes! Vinetegrate is one of the few and most experienced Filevine Certified Data Migrations Partners in the market. Our entire data operations team is comprised of the best and brightest former Filevine data engineers. We offer custom data & doc migrations in house from any legacy system as part of our implementations packages. We also offer VineMigrator™, the first of it’s kind standalone data migrations tool for Filevine. Bring in bulk data like contacts, projects, project data, activity feed items, calendar entries and more for the lowest cost you’ll find anyone offering. Check it out here.

How much does Vinetegrate Full Suite™ cost?

Vinetegrate Full Suite™ is not a great solutions for firms on a limited implementations budget. Quality and experience does not come cheaply, and though we have some pricing flexibility with each firm, we do not substantially disocunt our Filevine implementations product or service. If you are on a limited budget, you may be able to purchase Vinetegrate Full Suite™ Filevine templates and materials and self-manage your implementation with some limited guidance from us from our Marketplace!

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Automate Everything in Filevine


 VineConnect aims to automate every aspect of your Filevine environment with automated texts, emails, and mass SMS, dynamic team assignments, forms, document sharing, mirrored fields, and more…all in a slick, capable, sophisticated web-based client portal.

With no apps to download or passwords to create or remember, it’s the easiest way to keep your clients connected to their case, their legal team, and your firm – and the best part is your legal staff continues their work in Filevine completely uninterrupted.

VineConnect is fast, secure, and affordable! If you run on Filevine, give your clients a better overall experience with VineConnect Client Portal. Register for free today!


What is VineConnect®?

VineConnect® Client Portal is a proprietary software-as-a-service (“Saas”) that provides a simple, clean, powerful, and secure front-end Client Portal for your clients, and a robust back end admin with rich features and tools for automating communications and workflows within Filevine. VineConnect® directly and exclusively integrates with Filevine’s API. Primary features include automated texting, email, mass texting, multi-office automated Google Review request generator, custom forms that sync data to Filevine, two-way doc sharing, whitelabel branding, calendaring, automated workflows that reduce clicks in Filevine, and so much more…all packaged in a clean, modern mobile-optimized Cleint Portal for your clients.

Can I try VineConnect® for free?

YES! Every new registration on VineConnect® automatically comes with a 30-day trial period before you receive your first subscription charge. Prices are affordable and range based on usage and project count. You can sign up for free now or learn more about pricing.

How long does VineConnect® take to set up?

VineConnect® is a fully automated, standalone soluition that you can self-manage. With Launchpad, our guided setup tool, you can simply follow the “checkmark” based to do list to prepare your Client Portal with initial configurations in mere days, not weeks or months. You can merge in generic templates for Timeline and Phase descriptions for various practice areas to make that part super easy and quick. Best of all, every aspect of VineConnect™ is fully customizable, and while you’re in Setup Mode, you can see exactly what your clients will see while you’re building. If you want a standard and quick setup, use our default configurations. If you want to build complex workflows and customizations, go for it!. Either way, you don’t have to do it alone – we offer dedicated implementations support M-F from 9a-5p in all time zones. 

What makes VineConnect® different from other client portals?

So many things, but let’s start with the biggest differentiator – we’re the only truly integrated solution purpose-build for Filevine. “Automation” and “integration” are often little more than buzzwords for most of competitor products. Because our competitors have built client portal solutions that are designed to work for lots of different case management services, they can’t focus on making any one integration really powerful. VineConnect® stands alone as the only automations tool and client portal purpose-built for Filevine.

Beyond that, we do not require your legal staff to log into our platform for VineConnect® to operate. That’s another important point – your staff never leaves Filevine!

No one offers a deeper level of integration with Filevine – or does it as well – period.

Lastly, we’ve heard we’re priced much more attractively than our competitors. And we don’t hide it either – see our straight-forward pricing here.

Do I have to use the "client portal" part of VineConnect®?

Nope! There may be many reasons your firm is not ready to launch a client portal, but don’t let that stop you from using our most powerful features, like forms, mass texting, automated client texts and emails, and Automated Workflows, our intelligent trigger-action system that automates so much of the repetitive actions you and your staff take in Filevine every day.

But don’t let your fear of your clients seeing something they shouldn’t in VineConnect® stop you from using the client portal. Everything you show in the portal is compeltely customizable. You can hide or show anything you choose to reveal to your clients. Take a look for yourself with a demo!

Can you help me create custom integrations for Filevine?

Absolutely! Software integrations are the backbone of Web 2.0 and the future of how law firms will work most efficiently today, and tomorrow. Our founders and developers of VineConnect Client Portal not only have extensive experience working within the Filevine API, but we’ve even helped advise Filevine’s dev team on API features and service improvements. We may even have the record for “most bugs discovered” because we’ve done so much work within the API. OK, maybe that one is a stretch…but the point is, we love building custom integrations, apps, services, and solutions on the Filevine API. Let’s do it for you, too.

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Filevine Certified PartnerCertified, Proven, and Trusted by Filevine.

Vinetegrate is a Certified Implementations, Data Migration, and Products Partner. That means we’ve demonstrated the training and experience necessary to deliver a quality of products and services for clients operating within the Filevine ecosystem.


VineConnect™ Client Portal is the 1st truly automated communications application exclusively integrated with Filevine’s API. Give your clients instant access to their case status, automate your client communications, Filevine Workflows, multi-location Google Reviews, and so much more! Affordable monthly pricing with a FREE 30-day trial and implementations included!


VineConnectis designed as a standalone web-based application secured by 2-factor authorization so there are no complicated applications to download or passwords to remember for your clients. Branded with your logos, the front-end of the Client Portal allows your clients to interact with rich text, media, messaging, custom forms, document uploads, and much, much more!


Configure VineConnect™ with Launchpad, our supported implementations guide. 1-time configurations will connect to your Filevine environment, set phase descriptions, timelines, automated SMS messages, Google review requests, Automated Workflows, and notifications.

Invite your clients to VineConnectwith mass texting tools, and monitor usage and adoption statistics. Chat with our implementations team in real time, get notified of new features, and browse our robust Support Center to fully leverage all the value VineConnectoffers.

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