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Exclusively built for Filevine, VineConnect Client Portal offers both your clients and your staff what they’ve been asking for: Simple, Effective Automated Communications & Workflows for Filevine.

Let’s give it to them. Meet VineConnect™.

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Our founders, Tom and Craig, wanted to use new technology to solve an old problem: Give their clients just the right amount of access to their case progress to reduce time-wasting and pestering phone calls. They were amazed to discover that though ‘case status’ and ‘client portal’ solutions exist, none of them are built specifically for Filevine, and as a result, none are very good.

So they built VineConnect.

VineConnect automates Client Communications directly from Filevine and leverages the power of Filevine’s API to automate common and repeatable actions to extend the core functionality of the world’s most innovative legal case management software.

For clients, the front-end portal is simple and secure to access which keeps them coming back. Customize every aspect of their experience with our intelligent administrative tools, including controlling what information they see and when. For Firm Admins and Marketing Teams, it’s a powerful automation platform for collecting, storing, and processing data and workflows within the walls of Filevine.

With affordable pricing plans, self-managed or assisted configurations, a 30-day no obligation free trial, live support, and a consistent release of rich new features, there’s no reason to go anywhere else for your client communication needs.

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Ditch the costly, cumbersome competitor client portals – VineConnect does what you’re looking for and more!

Check out our latest webinar to see a live demonstration of our software in action recorded in Spring 2023.
We release major new features approximately monthly.

New Feature Releases Covered:

Docs Upload/Sync to Filevine | Filevine Forms w/ Data Sync | Expanded Workflows
Mass Texting | Multi-Office Google Reviews

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Safe, Secure, and Simple Sign InsUpdated!

No one wants to download another mobile app, or have to remember yet another username and password. VineConnect™ was created with that fact as a starting point. Our mobile-first web application secured by rigid 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) means your clients - and only your clients - can access their case whenever they want without the hassle.

Document Uploads Syned to FilevineNEW!

Documents uploaded by your clients from within VineConnect™ Client Portal automatically sync to the Filevine project following whatever logic you define. Create an organization scheme to sync docs to specific template fields or collection sections.

Filevine Forms - Collect More DataNEW!

Filevine Forms by VineConnect™ is the most innovative way to collect, sync, and store client data to Filevine. Form fields submitted from within Client Portal map back to the project with intelligent logic. Public forms create new Filevine projects for automated data collection.

Automated Workflows for FilevineUPDATED!

Supercharge Filevine and Automate Everything with VineConnect™ Automated Workflows! Tell our platform what to listen for coming out of Filevine - a specific task being completed, or a new project hashtag - and takes actions automatically. With over 20 triggers and actions available out of the box, you and your legal team will find something you love in Workflows.

Mass Text Messaging for FilevineUPDATED!

The first to bring mass text messaging to Filevine is still the best in class. With our Mass Text tool, you can create an automated mass SMS job that targets existing contacts in Filevine, segmented by Person Type; or, upload a Filevine Report spreadsheet export. Now featuring detailed delivery logs, job buffers, and more!

Try us for free. Seriously.

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NO upfront fees and NO annual contracts to sign.

That’s the difference with VineConnect Client Portal – It’s simply the best tool on the market for Filevine at the best price with no strings attached.

FREE 30-Day Trial Including Setup.

We want you to LOVE your new Client Portal! That’s why we offer dedicated setup, installation, and support at no additional cost. We’ll even help promote your the portal to your clients!

Let’s Get Started Today!


Simplifying repetitive work is at the heart of VineConnect’s purpose. You can automate SMS communications that keep your client coming back to and engaging with the Client Portal. Our sophisticated Review Collection system allows you to spread your 5-star reviews across multiple Google My Business profiles. And with Workflows, you can use preset Triggers and Actions to intelligently do more work with less. Best of all – you stay working in Filevine, reducing ‘app clutter’!


Keep your clients engaged with Client Portal and your company at all times.


Boost reviews across your multiple GMB office profiles or other review sites equally.

Automated Workflows

Like Zapier, but easier out of the box – map preset triggers and actions for execution.

Simple, Transparent
Pricing For Every Filevine Org

Our pricing is based on the number of active cases your firm has in your Filevine Org. All of our plans include dedicated implementation & live ongoing support.
Our self-managed plans allow you to sign up and start using VineConnect right away if you have less than 1,400 active and archived projects. More than 1,400 projects? Great – VineConnect is built to scale! We’ll simply need to schedule a consultation to set you up with one of our volume pricing plans. Contact us to get started!

Why VineConnect is the obvious choice for a client portal & automations solutions:

  • NO set-up, implementation, or cancellation fees
  • With a FREE 30-day trial and FREE implementation support, there’s nothing to lose in trying it
  • NO long-term contractual commitments or financial obligations up-front
  • Flexible, affordable monthly plan pricing that isn’t going to unexpectedly skyrocket on you
  • Billing plans cover 1 Filevine Org with unlimited project type template support
  • Upgrade or downgrade your billing plan as you grow
  • VineConnect is not just for law firms – any company operating no Filevine can utilize our software

Micro Plan


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Up to 500 Projects

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Self-Managed with Support

Base Plan


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500-1,000 Projects ($0.35/Project)

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Perfect for Small Firms

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All Features & Support Included

Growth Plan


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Max 1,400 Projects ($0.32/Project)

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Price Lock Min. 12 Mos

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All Features & Support Included

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Setup Consultations

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Feature Requesting

Scale Plan


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Max 1,800 Projects ($0.30/Project)

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Price Lock Min. 24 Mos

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All Features & Support Included

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Setup Included

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Priority Feature Requests

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Unlimited Priority Support

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Awesome. Let’s talk mid-market and enterprise solutions.
Scaled discounts, full setup & support, and long-term price locks.


In 4 minutes or less, you can register your firm on VineConnect and start the implementation process with our simple, intuitive, guided onboarding.

And if you do happen to get stuck, don’t worry – our dedicated product managers monitor our live support chat at no additional costFollow the video below for a quick demonstration.

Request a Demo!

Ready to get started? We offer a complimentary 1-hour demonstration of VineConnect™ to firms live on Filevine.

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Stop the "guesswork" in your Filevine build. With Full Suite™, we launch you on Filevine faster.

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VineConnect™ Client Portal

truly integrated Client Portal and automations tool exclusively for Filevine. Automate everything.

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