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VineMigrator™ – Managed Service

VineMigrator™ is the first client-facing data migrations tool designed exclusively for Filevine users. It’s simple, safe, and secure to bulk import data to your Filevine environment. Protected via SSL and best in class security built on AWS, this web-based tool enables you to bulk import or update data on a mass scale. Say goodbye to half-complete data migrations and manual data entry!

VineMigrator™ requires your data to be in Excel, CSV, or spreadsheet-based format. You will be responsible for collecting, organizing, formatting, and preparing your data for import, but don’t worry – we offer support on both plans to guide you along the way.

This product pricing tier is for Managed Services. That means we actually perform the work for you. You may choose a managed service because you need to migrate data as a one-off job, such as coming to Filevine for the first time with initial implementations, or, you need to mass upload a batch of data for any reason. If you’re looking to only access the product itself, check out this listing.

Filevine Data Import Capabilities

  • Import/Create Contacts including companies, persons, custom Contact Type labels, email, phone, addresses, notes
  • Update existing Contacts in bulk by suppling the Filevine Contact ID (to mass update addresses, for example; or to mass de-duplicate contacts)
  • Import/Create Projects including Project Name, Incident Date, Description, and Project Phase
  • Update existing Projects by supplying the Filevine Project ID to mass update Project Name or Project Phase
  • Import/Create Project Data including all Static Sections and Collection Sections; all custom data fields are supported including Person Fields and Multi-Person List fields
  • Import/Create Calendar Appointments including Title, All Day, Start & End Date/Time; supports matching for local time zone

Coming Soon…

  • Import/Create or Update Users
  • Import/Create Activity Feed including Notes, Tasks, SMS, and Email
  • Import/Create or Update Time & Billing Entries and Expenses

How to Purchase

Your payment today represents a deposit but should closely relate to your final expected cost to use VineMigrator. Costs are based on number of products or number of rows being processed.

  • Managed Service: If you are using VineMigrator™ to import data as an initial implementation or migration to Filevine, you’ll want to choose this payment tier. This means we will be performing the service on your behalf. Your payment today is a deposit against the job. Estimated job cost is based on the number of contacts, projects, or project data you plan to have imported; your final cost is calculated at the end of the job based on actual rows processed.

VineMigrator™ Plans

Managed Services

VineMigrator™ Pricing Tiers

MS Small (2.5k Rows), MS Medium (8k Rows), MS Large

Vinetegrate™ offers products and services for firms operating on Filevine. Primary products include Vinetegrate Full Suite™ implementations solution; VineConnect™ Client Portal; and various apps available on Marketplace.

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