Taskflow Maps

Have you been telling yourself, “One of these days, I’m going to build those taskflows in Filevine…” without ever seeming to have the time or resources to get around to doing it? Then this product is for you! With our Taskflow Maps for various practice areas, this is the taskflow system for Filevine that you need, without you having to create it!

This product is a digital delivery of the Taskflow Map from our standard Full Suite components library. Implementation of taskflows into your Filevine system is an optional add-on. The deliverable is a comprehensive set of Filevine project type phases with accompanying auto-task flows for each phase in a structured Excel file. The map includes everything you need to build your taskflows into your Filevine system, including:

  • Taskflow text/directive (the task itself)
  • Trigger event (phase or button)
  • Days to Trigger (delay)
  • Days to Due (due date)
  • Assignment (role)
  • Notification (any roles notified)
  • Dependencies (sorts the taskflow dependencies in order)

With our Taskflow Map, you have everything you need to build the taskflow system you’ve been wanting! Better yet, choose “Implementation” and we’ll build the map within your Filevine Org for you, and train you and your staff on the usage.


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