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As a Certified Implementation Partner for Filevine and Lead Docket, our team has the skill, experience, and process to get your Lead Docket and Filevine environments launched better and faster than trying to do it yourself or hiring another company.


  • ADDITIONAL CASE TYPES: Get the right data in the right places the first time. With our Lead Forms Add On, you can start fielding intakes for various practices of law. We offer pre-built templates that will connect directly to Filevine or your other CMS ($800/each)
  • LEAD FORMS: Connect your website or third-party lead forms to Lead Docket, automatically populating data on submission. Supports webhook connections from third-party lead gen services and platforms ($250/each)
  • MARKETING SOURCES: Stop guessing where your intakes are sourced from with our Marketing Sources Add On ($100 each)

*Billed in one (1) payment. Expect 4-6 weeks for development, training, and go-live. Data migrations, additional case types, extensive modifications and customizations, forms & automation, and extended training available for additional costs. See Lead Docket Implementation Service here.

Who Does the Work

Our Certified Implementations staff are full-time, stateside experts in Filevine and Lead Docket. Much of our staff is comprised of former Filevine employees and paralegals!

How We Do the Work

Our process begins with an MTE Call (Milestones, Timelines, and Expectation) during which we set our goals for implementation, integration, go live and training. Depending on what you purchase, work can be fulfilled very quickly.

Need a Lead Docket license for your firm? Let us know!

Lead Docket Add-Ons

Add (1) Case Type Questionnaire, Add (1) Form Integration, Add (1) Marketing Source

Vinetegrate™ offers products and services for firms operating on Filevine. Primary products include Vinetegrate Full Suite™ implementations solution; VineConnect™ Client Portal; and various apps available on Marketplace.

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